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Maxim Recruitment  -  Hong Kong Island
 ...ry building codes. -3 years+ experience in the design, installation and commissioning of HVAC systems -Good Computer Skills in AutoCAD, MS Office, MS Project and other related software -Good command of written and spoken in English, and Cantonese. Qualificatio... 
24 days ago
ADT  -  Eastern
 ...Advanced knowledge of and a proficiency in using Computer and Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Visio), AutoCad, internet. ~Knowledge of network communications technology. ~Knowledge of Company policies, procedures, guidelines, and practi... 
1 day ago
Optics Professionals  -  Southern
 ...ering or ten years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. ~Proficient with AutoCAD Rel 14 and Solid Edge ~Demonstrate thorough knowledge of drafting practices ~Thorough working knowledge of FEA analysis ~Dem... 
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Interspace Limited  -  Eastern
 ...n tasks.  Candidates must be skilled using the following software for Interior Design: SketchUp 2017 (with v-Ray rendering) AutoCAD LT Photoshop Illustrator Freelance work may lead to offer of full-time employment. 19/F Lancashire Centre, 361 Shau... 
1 a month ago
Lululemon  -  Hong Kong Island
 ...bility to drive work to ensure deadlines are met practiced in conceptual design and architectural working drawings proficient in AutoCAD, 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch Up, MS Office, Excel highly motivated, detail oriented, and dependable must be versatile and... 
more 2 months ago
匯寶工程有限公司  -  Wan Chai
1.  上午9時至下午6時, 每週工作5天半 2. 中五程度; 5年經驗; 良好粵語; 一般英語; 懂讀寫中文; 懂讀寫英文; 持有電工A牌; 懂MS Excel; 懂AutoCad; 持有平安咭; 熟控制線路 3. 控制線路設計,報價及測試
12 days ago
墨示設計裝飾工程 (香港) 有限公司  -  Eastern handle projects indendently; Working on site experience and liaising with contractors preferable; Able to carry out design & related drawings from concept to presentation; Comprehensive knowledge of AutoCAD, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Microsoft Office, etc.
13 days ago
集寶建業有限公司  -  Eastern
1. 上午9時至下午5時半, 每週工作5天半 2. 專上教育:學位課程; 8年經驗; 良好粵語; 良好普通話; 良好英語; 懂讀寫中文; 懂讀寫英文; 懂AutoCad; 持有平安咭; 懂Microsoft office; 懂Outlook Express; Experience in managing A&A, renovation & fitting out works with practical construction detail 3. To supervise the construction proce... 
6 days ago
栢溢名基康體設備有限公司  -  Eastern
1. 每月$9,500, 有在職培訓, 星期一至五: 上午9時至下午6時, 每週工作5天 2. 專上教育:文憑/證書課程; 3年經驗; 良好粵語; 良好普通話; 良好英語; 懂讀寫中文; 懂讀寫英文; 懂PhotoShop; 懂AutoCad; 持有建築學證書或文憑, 能承受工作壓力和細節, 願意學習, 能即時上班優先 3. 制定詳細相關的施工圖紙及竣工圖紙和法定計, 3D應用
13 days ago
晟銘展覽工程有限公司  -  Wan Chai
1. 每月$7,000, 有佣金, 星期一至五: 上午9時至下午6時及星期六: 上午9時至下午1時, 每週工作5天半, 每天工作 8 小時 2. 中五程度; 1年經驗; 良好粵語; 一般普通話; 一般英語; 懂讀寫中文; 懂讀寫英文; 懂PhotoShop; 懂AutoCad; 懂3ds Max 3. 展覽攤位設計, 室內設計,立體圖設計
7 days ago
1. 上午10時至下午7時, 每週工作5天 2. 專上教育:學位課程; 2年經驗; 良好粵語; 良好英語; 懂讀寫中文; 懂讀寫英文; Accomplished in AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max or Sketch Up. Proficient with Adobe CS 3. 一般設計師工作 (Applicant must have thorough knowledge of the entire environmental design process from conceptual sketch... 
4 days ago
嘉多利顧問有限公司  -  Eastern
1. 上午9時至下午6時, 每週工作5天半 2. 專上教育:學位課程; 良好粵語; 一般普通話; 良好英語; 懂讀寫中文; 懂讀寫英文; 懂AutoCad 3. Structural design, drafting and supervision of building works
11 days ago
SB Planning Design  -  Wan Chai
1. 每月$8,000 - $10,000, 有每月勤工獎金, 醫療福利, 每月手提電話津貼 及年終獎金, 星期一至六: 上午9時半至下午6時半, 每週工作6天 2. 中五程度; 一般粵語; 一般普通話; 一般英語; 懂讀寫中文; 懂讀寫英文; 懂PhotoShop; 懂MS Excel; 懂AutoCad; 懂3ds Max 3. 協助設計師繪製圖側及效果圖
24 days ago
資訊機電有限公司  -  Eastern
1. 每月$10,000, 星期一至五: 上午9時至下午5時半及星期六: 上午9時至下午1時, 每週工作5天半, 每天工作 8.5 小時 2. 中三程度; 良好粵語; 一般英語; 懂閱讀中文; 懂閱讀英文; 懂AutoCad 3. 繪圖 AutoCad E
25 days ago
1. 上午9時至下午6時, 每週工作5天 2.  專上教育:碩士或博士課程; 2年經驗; 良好粵語; 良好普通話; 良好英語; 懂讀寫中文; 懂讀寫英文; 懂AutoCad; Regulations Basic experience in scaffolding industry is preferable 3. Strong in structural mechanics and data analysis Familiar with HK Building
10 days ago
寰亞控股有限公司  -  Wan Chai
 ...9時至下午6時及星期六: 上午9時至下午1時, 每週工作5天至5天半, 星期六長短週 2. 專上教育:文憑/證書課程; 3年經驗; 良好粵語; 一般普通話; 良好英語; 懂讀寫中文; 懂讀寫英文; 懂PhotoShop; 懂Illustrator; 懂英文打字; 懂中文打字; 懂AutoCad; 懂3ds Max; Capable in handling full set presentation & construction drawings, 有責任感,能獨立完成工作,具創作力 3. 一般設計師(室內)工作
14 days ago
哥迪工程有限公司  -  Eastern
1. 上午9時至下午6時, 每週工作6天 2.  專上教育:文憑/證書課程; 3年經驗; 良好粵語; 良好普通話; 良好英語; 懂讀寫中文; 懂讀寫英文; 懂AutoCad; 懂PhotoShop; 懂3ds Max; 懂MS Outlook; 懂MS PowerPoint; 懂MS Word; 懂MS Excel; Design / Fit-out 3.  Prepare drawings, specification, BOQ, site measurement, reports writing and daily p... 
7 days ago
Model-Tech (HK) Ltd.  -  Eastern
- 協助建築模型生產 - 超時津貼 - 懂得AutoCAD/ CorelDRAW/ Photoshop
14 days ago
創建室內設計有限公司  -  Wan Chai
1. 上午9時半至下午6時半,每週工作5天半 2.  專上教育:文憑/證書課程; 2年經驗; 良好粵語; 良好普通話; 一般英語; 懂讀寫中文; 懂讀寫英文; 懂AutoCad; 具有基本電腦操作知識; Dip.holder in Interior Design or above.At least 2-6 yrs experience 3. Able to handle: full set of working drawing with practical detailing experience, full set o... 
24 days ago
1. 每月$8,500 - $9,000, 有雙糧, 上午9時至下午6時, 每週工作5天半 2. 專上教育:文憑/證書課程; 3年經驗; 良好粵語優先; 一般普通話; 一般英語; 懂讀寫中文; 懂讀寫英文; 具有基本電腦操作知識; 懂AutoCad; 懂3ds Max 3. 電腦繪畫工程圖則, 施工圖
21 days ago